Foreign Trips, The Unknown Destination Part 1 by Nick Ferris3

About a year after graduating from Nottingham University my friend and fellow band mate Simon and I met at Manchester Airport. We had booked one of these ‘surprise’ destination trips where you don’t know where you are going until you get to the airport. Although to this day, we can’t remember exactly where we went. If you like these articles you can also see his many features on marketing and technology such as The Beginning and The End of The Financial Net – Part 10 By Nick Ferris

To give a little more background, in the UK (especially before the internet) people used travel agents for 99% of their trips. You would look in the travel agent window and see offers like ‘Spain 200 Pounds All Inclusive’ and if you were lucky you could look at a magazine to see pictures of the hotel. But many times you bought sight unseen. Nowadays it seems crazy to not read reviews and spent hours researching online first but back then there was no choice and you just did what everyone else did! For other featured articles check out Coming to America, Nick Ferris

On the plane, Nick Ferris had bought a bottle of champagne at the airport and opened it on the flight. The stewardess told us off but with a smile so we realized it was ok to drink it. I had also bought a video camera (it was very big and bulk) and had put an MTV logo on the side. We told people we were making a documentary about the band and video cameras were still rare back then and people believed us!

At some point, probably a few glasses of champagne later, we told one of the stewardesses that we were in a band. We didn’t think anything would come of it but she went to speak to the captain and then a few minutes later tapped us on the shoulder ‘you up and sing’ she said!

Now our band was not exactly the best band in the world. Never will be. We didn’t have many songs either. At that point we had an album but neither of us could ever remember the songs and so it was somewhat difficult for us to perform more than one song. But Nick Ferris also had a small guitar and so we went up to the front of the plane. Simon took the tannoy microphone they use to make announcements and so began our pop career.

Crowdfunding Basics By Nick Ferris, Part 9

Nick Ferris – The Best Leader And Mentor In The Marketing And Media Department has many insights into crowdfunding and continues to give you ideas.

In this article we’ll talk about using email to help your crowdfunding campaign. In previous articles such as Nick Ferris – Marketing Tips, Incentives for life we have talked about certain aspects of email marketing but it is an essential part of any successful crowdfunding campaign as well.

Email is such a great way to get people behind your cause and act as a means of direct engagement. Whilst blogs are great once the reader comes to the site, emails are the fuel that you need to help people get there in the first place. The first thing recalls Nick Ferris, is to build your own list. There are many programs out there that will automatically search your Gmail and other email accounts and download and extract all of the email addresses. This is a great first step as you will be surprised how many email addresses you have, not just of friends and family but other acquaintances and people who have marketed to you too!

Once you have extracted your list you can use one of the many drag and drop email tools out there like MailChimp for example. You can use your own email but many (let’s take Gmail for example) have a daily send limit of a few hundred. If you have thousands of emails then it could take weeks to send via these email clients. So if you upload your emails to a cloud service like MailChimp you can send out thousands at a time. The other advantage of using a professional email system like this is it can handle unsubscribed, give you great analytics and help you test things like send times, subject lines and even body text.

So once you have written your email, make sure you test subject lines – usually the service will send to say 20% of the list with the two or three variants and then once a winner is determined the remainder 80% of the list will get that winning subject line, says Nick Ferris.

If you don’t have many of your own emails, consider renting emails. If you are doing a fundraiser for garden sheds for example, research companies that rent emails of shed owners or shed fanatics. Trust me there are lists out there for most things! This is a great and cost effective way of really targeting your core demographic and if you hit the right audience and they then start sharing your campaign, you can quickly go viral!

There are many component of email but this is just a top level overview. Next we will look at apps. Nick Ferris is an acclaimed marketer, dog fanatic and someone who loves to make a difference in the world. We hope you enjoy these articles.

Crowdfunding Basics Part 1 By Nick Ferris

Nick Ferris- Senior Media Executive & Global Digital Marketing Director, delves into the world of Crowdfunding, a far more recent platform that has emerged to help budding entrepreneurs get funding to launch their products and companies.

Some products such as the Pebble Smartwatch (and yes I was one of the backers!) have raised up to $10 million via crowdfunding. Others fail abysmally! Even famous products such as the Oculus Rift started on crowdfunding platforms. They were later bought by Facebook for over $2 billion. So yes, crowdfunding can really launch your business and can make billionaires! Don’t forget to also check out Nick Ferris on Dailymotion.

So let’s start with the basics of crowdfunding. You have to know who you are selling to. Ideally write down a few examples of the type of person who will buy your product – is it a female lawyer aged 35, a college student who likes live music, a middle aged man who watches football each week or whatever. It’s so important to know exactly who you are targeting as that influences everything from the way you market to them, to the actual platform you will use. So take your time and make sure you have researched your audience as much as possible.

Once you know your audience, you can also map out more details recalls Nick Ferris – what websites do they look at for example? A great tool is Similar-web. So for example if your ideal demographic is female runners you can research websites that they would visit and use a tool like Similar-web to see what other sites people who go there visit. And before you know it, you can draw an entire map of where the people you are targeting are going. You may not have the budget to buy ads on these sites, but you can see where people are coming from, where the referrals are and what drives them.

Your research should also include the competition too. Again use a tool like Similar-web to see where they are getting traffic from. It’s free to use and you can learn so much by looking at your competition (if you have any).

Continue reading Nick Ferris’ articles on life, the universe and everything as he continues to discuss ideas for crowdsourcing.

Nick Ferris, Digital Marketing Beyond the Box

How much more would you increase your profits if you had a good marketing strategy? Many companies have embraced marketing and even allocate budgets to the department, something that was not common in the past. The likes of professionals such as Nick Ferris have also brought digital marketing into the picture.

If you take a look at Nick Ferris official account on Pinterest, you can tell that he has achieved a lot. Technology has continued to grow over the years. With this growth, we have also experienced a surge in the users on social media. This therefore means that there has been an increase in the volume of digital content over the years as well. A smart company or business would tap into this and focus on digital marketing. Most people are online for a significant percentage of their day. The best tactic to get your product and/ or service to these people would be through digital marketing. Nick Ferris has cornered the market on this as one of the respected digital and media marketers in the world. He has managed to travel all over the world, sharing his tactics, strategies and ideas with business owners and managers in order to improve their sales.

Nick Ferris has a unique quality. He is relentless when it comes to finding new methods and strategies to make your digital marketing more effective. He has been able to implement these methods in his own business which specializes in IT and marketing. The business is thriving regardless of the fact that he studied in the political field as his major. It is therefore encouraging to other companies and business owners to see that Ferris has made it work for his business and thus it can work for theirs as well.

My First Magazine Part 2 – Nick Ferris

Nick Ferris is a global marketer with over 25 years of B2B and B2C marketing experience.

This is the second part overview of Nick Ferris’s first experience of putting a magazine together with no prior experience.

Having put together most of the contents or have overviews at the very least, Nick Ferris then put together a media kit. The media kit was and still is the essential took of any sales person to get advertising or sponsorship.

The media kit had an overview of the contents, it showed the traffic (how many people rode the railways from Kiev to Moscow), how many copies of the magazine would be printed, who the target audience was and so on. Nick Ferris then sent the media kit out to various agencies and companies and followed up with calls and emails.

Nick Ferris managed to get sponsors like Coca-Cola and other major brands to advertise. This took a lot of convincing as this was the first ever issue but it shows that you can generate revenues without even a product in existence.

Once the advertisers were signed up, the next process was typesetting the magazine. Nick Ferris had experience of using systems to layout magazines and newsletters and so he spent long hours and nights laying out the photos and the articles that he had written.

Once the magazine was laid out in English, the fun part started, recalls Nick Ferris. He then gave the entire product to a colleague who spoke Ukrainian so the magazine could be translated into local language. Once this was done, Nick Ferris had another person check as he was unable to do final edits in a foreign language.

The magazine was then printed locally in Russia and distributed in the railway seats and at stations. It was a very long and arduous process, recalls Nick Ferris and the whole thing took about six months from start to finish, but he managed to launch a magazine by himself in a foreign language which is an accomplishment he is still proud of to this day.

Nick Ferris, Marketing Tips on Blogging

Nick Ferris is a global marketer with over 25 years of B2B and B2C marketing experience. For more marketing tips and insights check out his other articles.

Never underestimate the power of content. Although it won’t openly say it, Facebook is the world’s biggest publisher of content and it’s already moving to subscription channels for publishers on its platform recalls Nick Ferris. But content ca influence politics, people’s lives and have incredible impacts. That’s why it’s a very powerful tool in the marketers toolbox.

Let’s talk about blogging first as that is a very simple thing that anyone can do within a few minutes. Even setting up a blog site or landing page is seamless these days. And that gives anyone the power says Nick Ferris to create pieces that amaze and engage.

No matter what your product or service is, consider having content that your customers will like to read, that will engage them and help the brand loyalty and visits to your site. Think about it for a second, the more times people come to your site, the more likely they are to engage and transact with you. Nick Ferris has used content for over 25 years to drive marketing strategies.

So what do I write? Well Nick Ferris suggests you look at your customers and create content around them. Let’s say you sell pet food online. Content about pets, pet health, nutrition and so on would all be engaging topics. Rather than send your customers an email each week or month to say ‘hey come buy this’ you can send them great content to drive them to the site when they will also see banners and cross sell advertising that also drive them to purchase. Nick Ferris recalls how happier customers are far more likely to repeat spend.

But don’t just put up content for the sake of content. Think of interesting surveys, top 10 lists, something that has wide-spread appeal to your audience. And even better if you create content that has newsworthiness and may be re-posted or shared by other news sites, bloggers and social media, that one piece of content can do wonders for your marketing channels.

Nick Ferris is a global marketer with over 25 years of B2B and B2C marketing experience. For more marketing tips and insights check out his other articles.

Nick Ferris’s Marketing Tips – Budgets Are A Lie

Nick Ferris continues his discussion on marketing tips and tricks with insights into budgets.

One huge misnomer is that marketing is expensive. Of course you can spend millions on a super bowl commercial says Nick Ferris but marketers often fall into a trap of being lazy and using the same old channels their predecessors did or what worked once and what they still think works but have no real data to back it up.

Nick Ferris

Nick Ferris contends that marketing budgets are often the work of people who should know better and who should be more accountable. There are so many areas where marketers can be agile, where they can get results for little to no money but again people fail to use these channels.

Nick Ferris will explain some of these areas further on in this series. When he was first hired at Bloomberg he had a zero marketing budget having just missed the cut off for business planning. But that did not stop him making deals, doing aggressive marketing campaigns and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in less than a year through the use of smart marketing.

Smart marketing involves being more than just a person who sends emails or who puts up some ads on Facebook or other PPC sites. Smart marketing involves building, fostering and finding unique relationships and partnerships where people can help your business for no money. Over the next few articles Nick Ferris details more specifics where marketers can look to get help for zero down. The great thing about Smart marketing is that you also build relationships for life. Relationships that last your career and people who will help you many more times across many more jobs.

That’s why a really good marketer is far more than just the emails or landing pages or website. It’s about the holistic approach and understanding of the entire business and long term opportunities and developing contacts to help achieve your short term and long term goals.

Nick Ferris is a global marketer with over 25 years of B2B and B2C marketing experience. For more marketing tips and insights check out his other articles.